About Us, Babel Tower Journey

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And So it begins, Babel Tower Journey.

Babel Tower began its way before the internet was trending. We began in a small office in Miami in the fall of 1998, our goal was and still is to be the greatest business magazine on Florida.

We wanted to reach to the middle-class worker and help them take the right choices to their economic independence.

In the 2000’s summer, Babel Tower joined forces with Claudio Raposo and Kylie Martin and moved to Tampa. That same year Babel Tower join the www market signing up to its first website to provide weekly articles to its fan base.

Babel’s goal was to help it’s reader to reach the sky like in the bible story. To achieve this we provide weekly articles with tips on how to improve your revenue and to do the little investment that will put the reader in the head of the financial wave.

after almost 20 years on the market, we had grow bigger that we ever dreamt.

Thank You For all this years and we hope to be with you many more.